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Meet OUR Client
Every month, Andrea put $167 into her savings account. Within a year Andrea had $2,000 set aside. Opportunity Fund donors matched her savings with $4,000 to help her pay for college.
Rosa turned a $500 loan into a thriving flower business in Redwood City. She is one of the first Opportunity Fund clients. "Twenty years ago, Eric knocked on my door and helped me with a loan. He said, Rosa if you have a dream, don’t stop."
Meet OUR Client
In 2015, Opportunity Fund continued our successful expansion in Greater Los Angeles. We lent $15 million, helping more than 730 businesses including Coolhaus co-founded by Natasha. Coolhaus used a microloan to fuel its nationwide expansion and hire 55 employees.
"I'm the first in my family to go to college. My younger siblings and cousins look at me now and say, 'Look what Jaime's doing. I want to do the same when I’m older.'"
In October, 150 members of Opportunity Fund's community gathered to help Close the Gap between dreams and opportunities. Together, we celebrated entrepreneurship and Opportunity Fund’s microfinance investments in local businesses that drive economic mobility in our community.
"Many programs aid the poor, but relatively few help them move up the economic ladder. Opportunity Fund does just that. This is a much higher bar."
— Bill Gurley, Donor
"Opportunity Fund keeps finding new and innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of thousands of families. They are not afraid to think big."
— Susan Ford Dorsey, President of Sand Hill Foundation
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"Every year we help thousands of striving families achieve a measure of economic mobility. Opportunity Fund says yes to people who have never heard yes before."
Eric Weaver, Founder & CEO
"Opportunity Fund believed in us. They supported us. They give small businesses like mine a chance to make something great."
Meet OUR Client
Molly used a microloan to expand her hair salon and create jobs in Mountain View.

"I wake up every day excited to be in control of my destiny."

Taste of Microfinance SF
In April 2015, 200 supporters gathered in San Francisco to celebrate the power of microfinance.
Meet OUR Donors
Mark and Debra Leslie
Mark and Debra Leslie and the Leslie Family Foundation pledged $3 million to create the Leslie Fund for Opportunity—our biggest contribution ever!
Meet OUR Client
Maurice needed financing to expand his business, but his bank turned him down. Opportunity fund provided him with a $50,000 loan. With time, effort and determination, Maurice was able to turned that loan into a $6M business, providing jobs to more than 50 employees.