College Saver

Microloan Client Story

Jaime Rodas

Mountain View, CA

Savings Goal: $6,000

Amount Saved So Far: $420

Jaime Rodas, an immigrant from El Salvador, is the first in his family to attend college. Raised by a single mother, Jaime started college last fall at San Jose State University with a dream to become a pediatrician. "I enjoy working with children and my passion is to help people."

Jaime won four scholarships, but he knows it’s not enough to pay for tuition and school supplies. In 2013, he joined Opportunity Fund's Microsavings program, which will help him and his mother save and pay for college.

Opportunity Fund helped Jaime learn about budgeting, credit, setting goals, and how to manage his money. "I still have the dream board from my first financial class to remind me of my goals and priorities."

Research shows that a child is 7 times more likely to attend college if he has a saving account in his name.

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Working families have too little in the bank
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