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Microloan Client Story

Tina Ferguson-Riffe

Loan amount: $20,000

Number of employees: 11

Location: Berkeley, CA

Chef Tina Ferguson-Riffe was laid off and out of work for three years before opening her restaurant. Now, at 62, she is the successful owner of Smoke Berkeley. As business took off, Tina needed to buy new equipment to grow her business. But she was turned down for a loan everywhere she looked.

Opportunity Fund offered Tina a $20,000 EasyPay loan. Instead of making one monthly payment, she repays her loan based on daily credit/debit card sales –paying back more when business is strong.

"Being able to automatically repay the loan when we have higher sales in the summertime is a huge relief - and I don’t have to worry about missing payments if business slows in the rainy season." Today, Tina’s business is thriving and employs 11 people.

In 2013, Opportunity Fund received the Wells Fargo NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance to expand EasyPay loans to business owners in the Greater Bay Area and Los Angeles.

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