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Microloan Client Story

Lana and Dave

Outerlands, San Francisco, CA

Loan amount: $110,000

Number of employees: 18

Outerlands began as a labor of love for Lana and Dave - a neighborhood restaurant providing seasonal food and shelter from the fog. They did most of the renovation themselves, using recycled materials and donated labor from friends.

This "DIY" energy wasn't enough to secure the financing they needed, until Opportunity Fund provided a $10,000 microloan. Two months after their doors opened, a New York Times reporter wandered in and wrote a feature. The buzz has never subsided.

Two years later, Opportunity Fund provided a $100,000 loan to help the restaurant grow. Today, Outerlands has 18 employees and is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Opportunity Fund increased microlending by 500% over the past four years and now serves entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

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