Credit Crunch

Opportunity Fund steps in to help families in time of need. LEARN MORE

Saving for Citizenship

Opportunity Fund begins opening Citizenship IDAs, helping 103 people save and apply for citizenship this year.

Microfinance, CA Conference

Opportunity Fund hosts a first-of-its-kind conference on microfinance in California that was met with overwhelming interest. LEARN MORE

Kiva US Launch

Opportunity Fund is selected by Kiva as one of two partners to bring Kiva's innovative social lending platform to the US. LEARN MORE

Recovery Awards

As a leading CDFI in the Bay Area, Opportunity Fund receives over $37 million in Recovery Act grant funding and lending authority to help the region's struggling families. LEARN MORE

$10 Million

Opportunity Fund hits $10M in both microfinance programs this year. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Funders

A membership circle is born that enables individuals to learn about microfinance in the Bay Area while volunteering their time and their talents. LEARN MORE

Save Together

Opportunity Fund partners with SaveTogether to launch an online marketplace for matched savings that allows individuals to match our clients' savings directly. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Fund Goes to DC

Opportunity Fund CEO and client visit with Timothy Geithner, the SBA, and the Obama administration to talk about banks and small business lending.

Opportunity Fund 2.0

Opportunity Fund hosts a dinner to celebrate the launch of our online platforms and recognize the investors that helped start it all.


Social Impact

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During these unprecedented times, Opportunity Fund stands out as a leader in U.S. microfinance. Our investments in individuals and small businesses—surpassing $10 million in matched savings and $10 million in microloans—have created new jobs and new opportunities for economic growth. And our innovative approaches are helping to build the field of microfinance, bringing new resources to bear, and making it possible for any individual to make a difference. Building on 15 years of experience and impact, Opportunity Fund is leading the way in using microfinance strategies to help working families build stability and a life of dignity.


Small Business Lending in 2009

Who Opportunity Fund serves: Disadvantaged entrepreneurs who can’t access the capital and advising they need to build sustainable businesses (median income of $24,000)

Number of people served: 730 entrepreneurs, including 150 new loan recipients

Amount of money loaned out: $1.25 million

Hours of business advising: 1,355

Median Loan Size: $6,000

Matched Savings in 2009

Who Opportunity Fund serves: Low-wage workers who have trouble making ends meet (median income of $23,600)

Number of new savers enrolled: 320

Number of graduates who invested their full match in assets: 357

Amount of money saved by clients and matched by Opportunity Fund in 2009: $1.7 million

Hours of financial education: 5,000

Average Monthly Savings: $85

Community Real Estate in 2009

Who Opportunity Fund serves: Nonprofit housing and real estate developers who need early-stage financing for high-impact community projects

Number of affordable housing units financed: 1,700+

Amount of money loaned out: $15.6 million

Number of projects: 22


quote If we want it, we can do it.”

-Opportunity Fund IDA Savings client

Message from Eric Weaver, CEO


Tavis Smiley interviews Eric Weaver and a microentrepreneur
July 17, 2009


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