Credit Crunch

Opportunity Fund steps in to help families in time of need. LEARN MORE

Saving for Citizenship

Opportunity Fund begins opening Citizenship IDAs, helping 103 people save and apply for citizenship this year.

Microfinance, CA Conference

Opportunity Fund hosts a first-of-its-kind conference on microfinance in California that was met with overwhelming interest. LEARN MORE

Kiva US Launch

Opportunity Fund is selected by Kiva as one of two partners to bring Kiva's innovative social lending platform to the US. LEARN MORE

Recovery Awards

As a leading CDFI in the Bay Area, Opportunity Fund receives over $37 million in Recovery Act grant funding and lending authority to help the region's struggling families. LEARN MORE

$10 Million

Opportunity Fund hits $10M in both microfinance programs this year. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Funders

A membership circle is born that enables individuals to learn about microfinance in the Bay Area while volunteering their time and their talents. LEARN MORE

Save Together

Opportunity Fund partners with SaveTogether to launch an online marketplace for matched savings that allows individuals to match our clients' savings directly. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Fund Goes to DC

Opportunity Fund CEO and client visit with Timothy Geithner, the SBA, and the Obama administration to talk about banks and small business lending.

Opportunity Fund 2.0

Opportunity Fund hosts a dinner to celebrate the launch of our online platforms and recognize the investors that helped start it all.


Opportunity Funders Make a Difference

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In September, 2009, Opportunity Fund launched Opportunity Funders, a new volunteer program that offers a robust, hands-on volunteer experience to volunteers who want to have a deep impact on microfinance in their own backyard. In its first few months, Opportunity Funders grew to a network of 28 members who are engaged in projects ranging from web design and database engineering to client interviews and event planning. All members share a commitment to service; to exploring local microfinance; and to supporting a well-run, high-impact organization.


Meet Opportunity Funders in Action

Name: Arun Israel

Profession: Software engineer by day; microfinance volunteer by night

Volunteer Role: website development and market research

What inspired him to join: Arun joined Opportunity Funders to explore microfinance and make an impact in his own community, as well as to apply skills and interests beyond his professional work.

What does he do? Arun conducted focus groups for market research for a new website sponsored by Opportunity Fund, called He contributed to development meetings and provided beta website testing and feedback. While working on, he learned about Opportunity Fund’s IDA Savings program and was so inspired by this program that he is currently training to teach financial literacy classes to our clients.




Name: Leslie Roulias

Profession: Former corporate treasurer gives one year to Opportunity Fund

Volunteer Role: Content Manager

What inspired her to join: After 13 years in corporate treasury, Leslie began to feel unfulfilled in her job because she wanted to contribute to more than just the bottom line. Impressed by microfinance internationally, she resigned her job and began a year of service to explore a new career path and begin to give back. Opportunity Fund stood out as the most reputable, high-impact, well-run institution she found.

What does she do? Leslie interviews new Small Business borrowers on site to learn about their businesses and how their loan from Opportunity Fund will impact their bottom line. She puts her long-neglected writing skills to use by drafting profiles of Opportunity Fund’s borrowers to post on our online lending partner,




Name: Kim Cheung

Profession: Technology services professional and master party planner

Volunteer Role: IDA Evaluation Event Manager

What inspired her to join: Kim wanted to learn more about microfinance and never imagined she’d become so inspired by the power of microsavings in addition to microcredit.

What does she do? Kim plans graduation parties for our IDA clients each quarter to celebrate their success saving and learning in the program. She handles everything for the event, from catering and venue to children’s games and the rsvp list. Most importantly, Kim plans these events to enable other Opportunity Funders to collect survey data from the clients to inform a long-term evaluation to assess the program’s impact on our clients’ lives – and she does it all like a true professional and makes the events fun for our clients, their families, and Opportunity Fund staff and volunteers.




quote My favorite thing about Opportunity Fund is the focus on results. I’d encourage everyone to get involved—you’ll learn a lot, have fun working with great people, and make a difference in your community.”

-Arun Israel

quote The small business owners I interview inspire me with their motivation and creativity. As an Opportunity Funder, I have gained experience in microfinance, worked with the wonderful Opportunity Fund staff, and found the fulfillment that had been missing in my career for years.”

-Leslie Roulias

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Kim Cheung, Opportunity Funder