Credit Crunch

Opportunity Fund steps in to help families in time of need. LEARN MORE

Saving for Citizenship

Opportunity Fund begins opening Citizenship IDAs, helping 103 people save and apply for citizenship this year.

Microfinance, CA Conference

Opportunity Fund hosts a first-of-its-kind conference on microfinance in California that was met with overwhelming interest. LEARN MORE

Kiva US Launch

Opportunity Fund is selected by Kiva as one of two partners to bring Kiva's innovative social lending platform to the US. LEARN MORE

Recovery Awards

As a leading CDFI in the Bay Area, Opportunity Fund receives over $37 million in Recovery Act grant funding and lending authority to help the region's struggling families. LEARN MORE

$10 Million

Opportunity Fund hits $10M in both microfinance programs this year. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Funders

A membership circle is born that enables individuals to learn about microfinance in the Bay Area while volunteering their time and their talents. LEARN MORE

Save Together

Opportunity Fund partners with SaveTogether to launch an online marketplace for matched savings that allows individuals to match our clients' savings directly. LEARN MORE

Opportunity Fund Goes to DC

Opportunity Fund CEO and client visit with Timothy Geithner, the SBA, and the Obama administration to talk about banks and small business lending.

Opportunity Fund 2.0

Opportunity Fund hosts a dinner to celebrate the launch of our online platforms and recognize the investors that helped start it all.


Using Stimulus Funds to Build Better Futures

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Last spring, President Obama singled out Community Development Financial Institutions (known as CDFIs) as an effective channel to direct federal stimulus funding into communities hardest hit by the recession. As a leading CDFI in the Bay Area, Opportunity Fund received over $37 million in recovery grant funds and lending authority to help the region’s struggling families and communities work toward financial stability and long-term independence. These funds will create jobs, build community infrastructure, and help individual families save for a better future.


Investing American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Funding

Support Lending Activities

Amount of funding: $2 million

Source of funds: US Treasury’s CDFI Fund

Use of funds: Support small businesses, create jobs and build affordable homes


Build Community Infrastructure

Amount of funding: $35 million in lending authority

Use of funds: US Treasury’s New Markets Tax Credit program

Use of funds: Finance high-impact community facilities like youth centers and health clinics


Help Families Save and Build Assets

Amount of funding: $100,000

Source of funds: Sacred Heart Community Service/US Dept. of Health and Human Services

Use of funds: Financial education and matched savings accounts


quote Through their work at the community level, CDFIs…can help build a sustainable recovery for all of us.”

-Ben Bernanke, June 2009

william and eric
Opportunity Fund CEO Eric Weaver and microloan client William Ortiz-Cartagena were invited to the US Treasury-SBA small business forum on November 18th in Washington D.C. See the press links below.


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